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Our Existence Is  of Paramount Importance to the Parrots' Lives and Well Being.”

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Who We Are

Under My Wing Avian Refuge is a 501 C3 nonprofit organization. It was founded by Paula N Ashfield in 2007 and is the first exotic birds sanctuary in northern New Jersey.

Paula as well as all members of this organization is dedicated to the morally and ethically responsible treatment of animals in our local community, state, and nation, and in the international community.

Our primary purpose is to provide the birds relinquished to us with proper housing, appropriate care, and the companionship of people and other birds.

We serve and fulfill the needs of behaviorally and physically challenged birds, sick and elderly birds, and birds that have been abused, neglected, abandoned or emotionally scarred for life.

We do not foster our exotic birds. Rather, we have them live on our premises where we assume the responsibility for their lives and well-being either for the remainder of their natural lives, or in the case of adoptable birds, until an appropriate home is secured for them.

Under My Wing Avian Refuge have many successful adoptions over the years. Key to these are the sound and often long-lasting relationships Paula maintains with the adoptive families. Paula encourages the new owners to update her on the birds’ lives with their new families via e-mail, photos, videos, and social media. Also, she encourages them to bring the birds back to the refuge for “play-dates” with the other refuge birds. This sustained relationship has occasionally led to additional adoptions. For example, a family who adopted a Nandy Conure in 2006 decided to add a new member to their family and returned in 2011 to adopt an African Grey.

Similarly, Paula has maintained relationships with a few individuals who were forced to give up their beloved pets because of unfortunate personal circumstances. In these cases, Paula has worked with the owners to arrange visits with their birds at the refuge, and periodically sends the owners e-mail photos of them. This mitigates the pain of loss and allows the owners to continue to share in the lives of the birds they so love.

We do NOT make use of birds for commercial or entertainment purposes

We do NOT adopt out birds to hobbyists or breeders.

We do NOT sell, trade, or breed birds.

We continually make a significant difference in the lives of the exotic birds entrusted to our care as well as fulfill to full to capacity the mission set forth in our bylaws, strengthen the weak areas of our operation and expand operation not to exceed beyond our means as well as implementing a strategic plan intended to meet all programmatic, organizational, operational, and community efforts.

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